IBM Spectrum Scale CSI Driver

The IBM Spectrum Scale Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver allows IBM Spectrum Scale to be used as persistent storage for stateful application running in Kubernetes clusters. Through this CSI Driver, Kubernetes persistent volumes (PVs) can be provisioned from IBM Spectrum Scale. Thus, containers can be used with stateful microservices, such as database applications (MongoDB, PostgreSQL etc), web servers (nginx, apache), or any number of other containerized applications needing provisioned storage.


Static provisioning:
 Ability to use existing directories as persistent volumes
Lightweight dynamic provisioning:
 Ability to create directory-based volumes dynamically
Fileset-based dynamic provisioning:
 Ability to create fileset-based volumes dynamically
Multiple file systems support:
 Volumes can be created across multiple file systems
Remote mount support:
 Volumes can be created on a remotely mounted file system